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City Dress Up – Message Cube
South Korea

This artwork is named “Message Cube”, which is a cubic device composed of several sets of retractable acrylic rods in a public space of three meters (long) by three meters (wide) by three meters (high). Its design concept is through the works of art to encourage communication among people, the installation act as a platform for the public to interact. Different types of people, such as father and son, friends, couples or the general public can use the retractable acrylic bar to convey the information they want to express to each other. Through this way to repair the slight tear between people or to enhance each other’s feelings. In addition, the works are also a bridge between the public and Hong Kong. The public can send a message on the future of Hong Kong through the works, so that “Message Cube“ reflects people’s feelings and caring for Hong Kong. The installation maintain an interesting scene by its ever-changing condition through the interaction among people and the installation.