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City Dress Up – Ever Changing
South Korea

Twenty years after the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong faced and experienced different types of challenges. Hong Kong, as one of China’s cosmopolitan financial metropolis, undergoes metamorphosis and changes from time to time in both macro and micro-scale, from political and social environment to the soul of the public. Even though most of the Hong Kong residents are cherishing and is being bent on the past, but their sentiment towards Hong Kong and the motherland is consistent from first to last.

The name of the artwork is “Ever-Changing”. The interior of the artworks is a meditation space for the public to cherish and express their feelings to the past, the polished surface of the rounded triangular blocks reflects both the scenery of the panorama of the Victoria Harbor and portrait of the appreciator. The blocks create fragmented images of Hong Kong and project to the interior space of the artwork; mirrors are used as the dialogue to recall the collective memory and our sense of belongings to the city. In addition, the external faces of the artwork reflect the ever-changing scenery of Hong Kong, which allows the appearance of the artwork to change with time. With the simultaneous development together with China, the blocks reflect the status of the Hong Kong at that moment. The essence of the artwork not only cherishes the past of Hong Kong but it also encourages the public to look forward to our bright future by the continuous development of innovative and ever-changing spirit of Hong Kong.