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Varna library

In this proposal, we attempt to design a building that echoes with the existing Varna Municipality Hall by adopting its general form into our design to create cohesion between the two buildings.

Yet, in the new library building, we focused on the dynamics and interactions of the pedestrians and users. Public foyer and sunken garden, with clean and streamlined articulations, penetrates through the building envelop to enhance openness and the connectivity with the neighboring sites. As a result, the architectural expressions in the design radiate senses of freshness and energy.

Besides, as the printed media is gradually displaced by electronic mediums, the role of library becomes more a ‘meeting venue’ than a ‘reading place’. To reflect this trend, the functional areas are organized around the main circulation spine that extends from the public foyer. Visual links between these functions areas and the public foyer defines a vibrant and lively attracts the use by the public.