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Hung Hom
Hong Kong


We target to capture the essence of Hung Hom and to highlights the subtle beauty of the neighbourhood. Enhancement of the pedestrian movement pattern will be made. With the injecting new focal point and providing platform for the shop owners to express their innovativeness and character, a new streetscape is achieved.

There is high pedestrian flow within to site due to its high permeability to the adjacent areas. Yet a lack of ‘buffer zone’ to slow down pedestrians.

Make Place

Make PlaceMake PlaceThe linear and monotonous city grid is refined to create a focal point for the site and to improve the vista of the street.

This is to converge the pedestrian flow and introduce new vision angle for the pedestrians to appreciate the beauty of the place that had been shy away from passers-by.

A true Landmark is a point, a feature, an installation, by which is place is remembered and recognized.