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HKSZ biennale 2019 – The Formless
Hong Kong

The secrete of folding chair it’s hidden in common household. We can sit on them and turn them into weapons. Even police can’t charge you of them. It’s ranked top in the seven weapons “God of Cookery”, 1996

The Formless

The Formless showcase the contradictory qualities of folding chair static or dynamic, rough or smooth, simple or complicated, uniform or diverse, assisting or destructive, suppressive or proactive. These ambiguities make the success of folding chair; at the same time embody the resilience of Hong Kong people in the face of adversity by imagination and humour. From Colonial era to HKSAR, and on the way to the integration between Hong Kong and Mainland China, we transform, adapt and live alongside with all the changes in the society. We are formless, just like a folding chair.