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Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, Admiralty
Hong Kong


9 Justice Drive, Admiralty


The Asia Society Hong Kong Centre Limited




Interior fitting-out works to the new entry pavilion, former GG Block, former Old Laboratory former Magazine A and former Magazine B, license applications, etc.

This project involves a combination of conserving a cluster of graded historical buildings, and creation of a new one, all to be linked through a bridge system in the midst of a natural landscape terrain to become the new headquarters of Asia Society in Hong Kong. Our team, in collaboration with fellow professional teams both local and overseas, develops and delivers the interior fit out works for the Centre. Besides exerting awareness and knowledge required for fitting-out works in conversion and adaptation projects, fitting out buildings built back in the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries calls for extreme care in design development, close coordination among professionals from various disciplines and delicate detailing, so as to seamlessly blend the new design with the existing building.